Arthritis – Spicy Supplements Could Prevent Joint Pain and Inflammation

ARTHRITIS pain could be reduced or prevented by changing your diet plan. Taking these spicy supplements could stop joint pain and inflammation, it’s been claimed.

Arthritis is a common condition that affects about 10 million people in the UK, according to the NHS.

The condition causes joint pain, inflammation, and warm red skin over the affected joints. Patients could relieve their painful symptoms by taking capsaicin supplements, scientists have claimed.

Capsaicin is a compound that comes from chilli peppers, and is responsible for the burning sensation when eating spicy foods. Osteoarthritis patients, the most common types of arthritis in the UK, would benefit from taking the supplements, according to Arthritis Research UK.

“Capsaicin in cayenne pepper has potent pain-relieving effects,” said medical website Live Strong. “When applied topically in cream or ointment form, capsaicin initially causes a brief stinging sensation, which stimulates the pain nerves. It then gradually reduces substance P, a chemical necessary for nerves to send pain signals.”

Substance P plays an important role in transmitting pain signs to the brain. Arthritis patients can use capsaicin as a topical cream, a gel, or a patch. Eating more capsaicin could also help to control patients’ blood sugar, added nutritionist Dr Josh Axe.

“Consistently consuming foods high in this nutrient has been proven to improve the blood sugar and insulin reactions in both men and women, and also in women with gestational diabetes. A painful condition associated with diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, may also be treated with capsaicin cream to decrease pain responses.”

People trying to lose weight may also benefit from taking the supplements, he added.

The compound could speed up metabolism and suppress appetite in people. There isn’t a cure for arthritis, but capsaicin may help to reduce painful symptoms. Arthritis symptoms can include restricted movement, joint stiffness, and muscle wasting.

Speak to your GP if you have any symptoms of arthritis. They may prescribe painkillers or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In the most severe cases, doctors may decide to do a joint replacement or joint fusion.