Brother Bru-Bru’s stands for your health, the health of the planet, and for social justice. The company was founded by 1960’s musician, Bruce Langhorne, who, after being diagnosed with hyper-tension and diabetes, wanted to put some spice back into his diet without any salt or sugar. We are a visionary company who believes in taking care of yourself, and also, the world around us.

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Brother Bru-Bru’s Hot Pepper Sauces are all-natural, with no sodium, no sugar, no gluten, no artificial coloring and no preservatives. Our Chipotle and Chili flavors are made with certified organic peppers sourced from sunny New Mexico! Our hot pepper sauces are heart-healthy, aid in weight management, and can play a positive role in digestive health and cancer prevention.

Tribal cultures all over the world use hot pepper creations and potions, not only to enhance food flavors, but also as folk remedies for a number of ailments including indigestion, nasal and sinus congestion, sore muscles, and arthritis. Ingesting hot peppers can actually cool you in a hot climate by causing your face and scalp to sweat. Read more about these amazing superfoods below!



“Jalapeños, habañeros, cayenne pepper, hot sauce. . . these flavor-boosters can do a lot more than just spice up your chili and nachos. According to University of Cincinnati researchers, capsaicin – the compound that gives these peppers their fiery heat – is a powerful anti-inflammatory that prevents the formation of blood clots in heart arteries.

“And Chinese studies show capsaicin also helps break down dietary fats before they can be converted into artery-clogging LDL cholesterol, cutting cholesterol surges (even after eating high-fat meals) as much as a whopping 57%.

“The study-proven dose: ¼ tsp. of the dried spices, 1 tsp. of a fiery sauce (Brother Bru Bru’s) or 1 Tbs. of fresh or pickled hot peppers daily.”
~ Woman’s World  9/23/2013


1) They've got great flavor!

2) Hot peppers are loaded with vitamin C (357% more than oranges).


3) Hot peppers stimulate the nerve endings with false pain messages which cause the brain to produce endorphins which make you feel good.

4) Hot peppers tend to dissolve life-threatening blood clots.

5) Under lab conditions, hot pepper sauces kill certain harmful bacteria found in raw oysters & other sea food.

6) Hot peppers have actually caused tumors of the prostate to shrink in a laboratory setting.

7) Medical researchers have found that topically applied hot pepper extracts can relieve chronic pain in certain cases.

8) Garlic (which is used liberally in Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Sauce) is known to convey a whole pantheon of health benefits on its users.

9) Many of the African spices which are used in Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Sauce for their flavors are used as folk remedies by traditional African herbalists.

10) Long-term users of Brother Bru-Bru’s concoctions can thrill and amaze their friends by drinking ordinary hot sauces right out of the bottle.

11) Wait, have we mentioned they taste great?!