We’ve been Bru-Bru fans for years.  I discovered it at my local grocery and the bottle and the name grabbed my attention, so I tried it out.

I’m a hot sauce maniac, and usually have at least 10 varieties of hot sauces.  My kids are hot sauce fans too.  We all agree:  There is no other hot sauce like Bru-Bru’s.  Too many sauces are just hot, or are mostly salt and vinegar-flavored.  Not that I really don’t like those.  But Bru-Bru’s has a distinctive flavor that no one else comes close to.

How cool to learn that Bruce is Mr. Tambourine Man, and played with Dylan, Joan Baez and Richie Havens!
We wish it came in bigger bottles.

Greg Banks at home
Langley, WA

For a recent paleontological expedition to the Canadian Arctic, I purchased a bottle of Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Pepper Sauce to spice up our camp cooking. I bought the bottle in Ottawa, Canada, of all places, and was drawn not only to the ecstatic grin on your label model’s face (is this Bru-Bru himself?) but also by your company’s location. I too am from Venice (Venice High class of ’89), and wanted to show the rest of our largely eastern team what a real hot sauce tastes like.

Our expedition typically features a multitude of hot sauces to add some heat to the mostly bland meals that we prepare from dehydrated ingredients over a Coleman stove. Of the 20 or so hot sauces we brought with us this year, Brother Bru-Bru’s was the clear camp favorite. Just a small amount of sauce imparted perfect heat to our meals. Those of us who desired a more potent burn added more sauce and were treated to an extra dose of Bru –Brus’ unique and deliciously creative spice combination.

Unfortunately, the bottle was broken on the last day of the expedition during an impromptu game of tundra bowling, in which hot sauce bottles served as pins and a duct-tape-covered rock as the bowling ball. (We were killing time while waiting for a helicopter to move our camp.) I managed to copy the address of the shattered bottle label however, so that I could thank you for producing such a fabulous hot sauce.


Mike Shapiro
Department of Vertebrate Paleontology
Agassiz Museum of Comparative Zoology
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sauce with a Healthy Sting

Wake up America! And go get this sauce.
It comes from Africa and it’s truly boss.
Brother Bru-Bru’s the name and man is it hot.
Whatever your meal, this sauce hits the spot.

With spices and peppers and no salt at all,
Its natural ingredients will answer your call.
For a tasty addition to all of your food,
It’ll change your thinking and alter your mood.

It clears out your nose and helps indigestion,
As an aid to your health, there’s little question.
Your steaks and your chops will jump up and say:
“Go get me some hot sauce and do so today!”

If you are a cook who wants to enhance,
Brother Bru-Bru’s sauce will give you a chance
To make all your meals much better by far
Than hot sauce you’ve tried from some other jar.

Try it on eggs, and vegetables too,
Put it on fish and into your stew.
Excite your palate and cook a new thing.
Then add on this sauce and wait for the sting.

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