Greg’s Spicy Couscous (Langly, WA)

I use Bru Bru on just about anything that can tolerate hot sauce.  A favorite side dish in our house is couscous pilaf.

I use about a cup and a quarter to a cup and a half of water or chicken broth.  Mince finely a bunch of carrots, celery and a strong onion (don’t waste your time with Walla Wallas, or the like), and a little garlic.  Boil the veggies in the broth for a couple minutes (just to soften them a little).  Add a cup of whole wheat couscous and a liberal dousing of Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Pepper Sauce.  Stir.  Remove from heat and cover.  Wait five minutes.  Fluff with a fork, and viola’!  The best couscous you’ll ever have.

Make bigger batches if you want to make it a main dish.  I like it with garbanzo beans and apricots.  Just make sure you have plenty of Bru-Bru’s on hand.

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